Whitewing 60MM Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant

PROJECT: Whitewing 60MM Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant (Stabilizer, Amine, TEG, NRU, MRU)
LOCATION: Hermleigh, TX

F&C provided process, equipment  specification, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumental and controls engineering, design and detailed construction drawings, construction and commissioning support for this plant.

Equipment Includes: 

  • Pigtraps
  • Slug Catcher
  • Inlet Separator
  • Condensate Filtration & Stablizing System
  • Amine Sweetening
  • TEG Dehydration
  • Molecular Sieve Dehydration
  • Propane Refrigeration
  • Refrigeration Compressor
  • Refrigeration Skid
  • Propane Condenser and Accumulator
  • Cryo Skid
  • Cold Separator
  • Brazed Aluminum Exchangers
  • Booster Pump Skid
  • Demethanizer
  • Surge Drum
  • Turbo-expander
  • Product Pumps
  • NRU Boosting
  • Interstage and Residue Gas Compressors Compression
  • NRU
  • Bullet and Tank Battery
  • Truck Loading
  • Flare KO
  • Hot Oil
  • Regen Gas Heater
  • Emergency Generator
  • Instrument Air Systems
  • Control/MCC buildings

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