Valerus / BHP Hauglum Gas / Condensate FEED

Valerus awards F&C Engineers a FEED to assist BHP to evaluate the expansion of the Hauglum Gas/Condensate gathering facility.  The FEED scope is to design a more permanent style facility and add the necessary equipment to facilitate a 10+2 year life cycle.  FCE developed PIDs and Plot plans for the temporary Facility.  The associated equipment is to be capable of handling up to 20 MMscfd of flow with Condensate at an inlet pressure of 1400 psig decaying to 300 psig.  The intent of this scope of work is for the FCE/Valerus and BHP teams work closely together to determine the best solution to meet the BHP goals for the facility. 

The first part of the evaluation will help BHP determine the best available deployment for their existing stock compressors, currently sitting idle.  In addition, The team will provide BHP an extensive capitol cost vs. operating cost analysis to provide SulfaTreat vessels to replace the current Valerus provided ET scavenger technology.  The team was involved in several evaluations to determine the extent of various upgrades to the existing facility.  The evaluations included Compressor Evaluation, SulfaTreat Evaluation, NGL Processing and Handling, Dehydration, Fuel Gas System, Electrical System, Flare System, and Civil work.   

Engineering deliverables included as part of the scope of work were:  Block Flow Diagram, Process Flow Diagram, Heat and Mass Balance, Process and Instrument Diagrams, Cause and Effect Matrix, and Equipment data sheets. For Mechanical: Plot Plan, Major pipe routing, Equipment List, Instrument List, Line List,  Equipment data sheets, Utility Schedules, Electrical One-Line, Electrical layout drawing, switch gear Layout, Electrical Area Classification Drawings, Material Selection, Air Permit Data, PSV Sizing Calculations and HAZOP.   

The final objective of this feed study is to deliver a complete drawing package through a HAZOP review and prepare for the next phase of detailed engineering and construction.

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