NRG P.H. Robinson Texas City Power Plant

PROJECT: NRG P.H. Robinson Texas City Power Plant

BTEC Turbines, LP awards F&C Engineers the civil and structural engineering design for the new NRG P.H. Robinson Texas City power plant.  The project includes installation of six GE Frame 7B (upgraded) gas turbine generator sets along with ancillary equipment and 2 buildings for 20 unique foundation designs.  Each turbine is capable of producing up to 80 MW max power.  F&C coordinates with the geotechnical consultant, equipment and building vendors, NRG and NRG’s Owners Engineer to produce the design deliveries sequenced with approvals. Object of this work is to provide detailed construction drawings and calculation reports for concrete, rebar, anchor bolts, pipe and duct supports, etc.

Industry Standards for the design are: PIP REIE686, “API Recommended Practice for Machinery Installation and Installation Design”, Governing Building Code for External Loading: IBC 2012 / ASCE 7-10; Structural and concrete design standards: AISC 14th Ed., American Institute of Steel Construction Manual, and ACI 318-11. Static and dynamic analyses of the gas turbine foundations including piles are carried out with modal and forced response analysis using SAP and STAAD Pro software.  Predicted vibrations are controlled within acceptable industry and GE turbine standards.  Documents are stamped by our in-house Texas PEs.

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