CryoSYS and F&C Engineers Announce Commissioning of LNG Plant in Hermosillo, Mexico


February 28, 2023

CryoSYS LLC and F&C Engineers announce commissioning of the optimized compact modular LNG Plant facility in Hermosillo, Mexico.

F&C engineers provided engineering and design services for the development of the GNN, which is capable of 150,000 GPD Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), with the capability of expanding to 300,000 GPD under the guidance of the CryoSYS process and project managers. F&C Engineers provided detailed engineering and design for skidded equipment and balance of plant and overall facility integration. The GNN facility can process up to 26.6 MMSCFD of natural gas for Pretreatment and 13.3MMSCFD for Liquefaction, utilizing a Single Mixed Refrigerant Cycle. The LNG produced will be marketed as a fuel to replace diesel and other fuels.

We are incredibly proud that CryoSYS chose F&C Engineers to engineer and design this revolutionary modular LNG Plant. The team leveraged our engineering expertise to craft a robust, cost-effective solution appropriate to this project's scope. Our extensive and in-depth experience in engineering and constructing natural gas processing facilities allowed us to execute this advanced LNG plant successfully.

"Completing the Modular LNG Plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, marks the beginning of an exciting new era in the energy industry. We value the trust that CryoSYS has placed in us and look forward to future projects. We highly recommend that our clients consider CryoSYS for their natural gas processing needs."
~ Ivan Curiel, CEO, F&C Engineers



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